More 4 Monkey Review


More or Less, Greater or Fewer are important concepts for kids to learn. It is an essential building block for success in math and science later in life. More 4 Monkey is a fantastic app that was designed to introduce kids to that concept and help them master it early on so they can be successful in school. Kids will love learning with Monkey in his colorful town!

More 4 Monkey is a simple, yet effective, app. To play all you need to do is tap on the location in town where you want to learn. There is a school, a playground, a pool, and more! Once you’ve selected your location, number comparisons will appear that are related to that setting: items on a chalkboard at the school, pool toys in the swimming pool, etc. Simply tap on the side that has “more things” and earn stars for correct answers. The difficulty increases as the level gets higher which keeps your child challenged and coming back for more! With the in-app purchase to upgrade, 4 more games are unlocked as well as the Parent Dashboard which allows you to monitor your child’s progress.


In my opinion, More 4 Monkey is a very efficient way to teach kids the concept of more or less. It is very simple app, but there are several things that I love about it. First of all, I think that this app is effective because it focuses on just one concept. It has been proven that repetition is the best teacher and this app teaches through repetitive yet challenging activities. Also, I think that anytime there is a cute animal character involved kids love it and stay engaged. The bright and colorful town that Monkey lives in is relatable and I think kids will love visiting the different locations. More 4 Monkey is a wonderful teaching tool for preschoolers and I would recommend checking it out!