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  • Mimics
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  • Last modified: July 20, 2017
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Review Summary:

Gather your friends and make crazy faces while playing a game of Mimics.

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Price: Free
AppStore User Rating: 4.5 Download on the App Store


Mimics offers a fun online or in-person party game where players get to make crazy faces. The goal of the game is to mimic a crazy picture and get others to guess which face you made. The result is a hilarious game that involves making a lot of funny faces. You might make a fool out of yourself, but you’ll have fun while doing it.

Features include:

  • Play against others online
  • Play against friends in person
  • Make funny faces
  • Connect on social media


There are two main modes to the game: online and party. In online mode, players can connect with Facebook and sign up for an account. Unfortunately, this part of the app is a bit glitchy and does not always work. However, the party mode works well and considering that it does not involve creating an account, it is the best option for play. In party mode, you can play as part of a 2 player coop or in teams. Player 1 looks away from the screen while Player 2 makes a face, and then Player 2 guesses, and vice versa. The game offers instructions throughout.


This app is not being rated for education.


What players will enjoy about this game is the ability to make silly faces. In each round, an animated face is shown and a player must imitate that face. The other player is then shown a selection of animated faces and choose which one the player made. At first, it’s pretty easy, but the faces get trickier as they play. Even if you play alone, you’ll enjoy making all of the crazy faces.


Players can download and play the app for free. You can download a premium version of the app through an in-app purchase. However, for most users, the free version will be enough.

Child Friendliness

On the main screen, players will see icons that allow them to share on different social media accounts. In the setting sections, players can also make an in-app purchase (unprotected) and click on a link to view the developer’s privacy policy. The app also requests access to the camera for taking photos and it stores the photos in an in-game gallery. Players can transfer photos to their device’s photo album or opt to not save photos at all.

  • NO 3rd party ads
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  • YES in-app purchase
  • YES social media
  • YES external links

Gather your friends and make crazy faces while playing a game of Mimics.

Editor rating
Rated 4 stars