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Child Friendly
Magic Animals is creative, unique and fun. It combines the fun of a drawing/painting app with the gorgeous photography of a high-quality picture book about animals, as well as the fun of trying to get the computer to guess what you are drawing.

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Magic Animals is an intelligent animal art app that allows users to draw any of over 36 animals for the app to guess which animal is being drawn. There are also high quality pictures of the real animals, as well as a system to color and decorate the drawings.

Features include:

  • Over 36 animals to draw


  • Magic Slate recognizes child’s drawings
  • Over 190 HD animal pictures
  • Over 100 blackline sketches of animals to color in
  • Hilarious animations of animals when the Magic Slate guesses a drawing


Magic Animals is a very high quality app that is creative and fun to use. Developers did a fine job of building features into this app-use it as a guessing game, a picture book, or an art activity. The controls are intuitive and will be easy for the youngest users to operate.


This app is very educational. The pictures included with each animal are very high quality HD photographs that show an enormous amount of detail for each creature. Children will be fascinated with trying to make their animal drawings accurate enough and detailed enough to allow the Magic Slate to guess what they’ve drawn. Using this app will provide kids with practice at a range of foundational skills for other learning, including spatial relationships, detail and accuracy, and memory skills.


Magic Animals will be highly entertaining for most children. The concept of having the computer guess what animal is being drawn is very intriguing, and the app seems quite good at the game.  There were only a few drawings that I believed to be quite clear that the Magic Slate didn’t seem to recognize. In addition, the animations that play after each computer guess are amusing and fun, and children nearly always love coloring activities, such as the ones associated with each animal. It’s nice that that app includes several line drawings of each animal that can be colored as well as the user-generated drawings.


This unique app costs $2.99 in the App Store, which is a good value. It’s not often that a completely new and different activity surfaces anymore, but developers outdid themselves on this one. It’s creative and fun, and families will find that it’s worth every penny.

Child Friendliness

This app is very child-friendly, and suitable even for the youngest children to use with just a teeny amount of supervision and support.  Parents should be aware, however, that the picture coloring/drawing section does include a sharing link that, if set up, could allow children access to email, airdrop, and other services.

  • Protected parent area (contains ratings, social media links, etc.)
  • NO 3rd party ads
  • NO in-app purchase
  • YES connection to email and other sharing through sharing button

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