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LostandFound.com Mobile is a great resource when you have lost something, or perhaps found something.  With LostandFound.com Mobile, users can search for everything from personal property to lost pets.  I thought that this could be a very useful app, especially in the case of a lost pet.

The LostandFound.com Mobile app has three major areas to address pet and property recovery: Mobile Device Recovery, Personal Property and Pet Recovery Services, and Business Property Recovery Services.  The goal is to help people who are looking for lost items search in an organized fashion across various categories.  With Mobile Device Recovery, you can search for a lost phone, and even send a message to the finder to relay real time instructions for its return.  With Personal Property and Pet Recovery, you can report and search for lost items, including beloved pets.  The Business Property Recovery section allows you to search for items left at a particular venue.

I thought the LostandFound.com Mobile app would be very useful when searching for or reporting lost and found items.  Be sure to check this app out if you have lost anything recently.  Most importantly, keep this app in mind next time you lose your phone or your pet gets loose!

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