Little Tiger: Fire Truck, Submarine, Spaceship

Little Tiger: Fire Truck, Submarine, Spaceship

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Encourage kids to use their imaginations and go on journeys with Little Tiger and his friends in Little Tiger: Fire Truck, Submarine, Spaceship.

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Price: $2.99
AppStore User Rating: 5
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Little Tiger and his friends panda, elephant, and unicorn are ready for an adventure. Will they drive a fire truck, pilot a spaceship, or navigate a submarine? Kids get to choose in this simple, but very cute and entertaining app.

Features include:

  • Four adorable characters
  • Three fun adventures
  • Engaging interactions
  • Fun background music and sound effects


Little Tiger offers an engaging, quality app for kids. First, the app prompts kids to choose two of four characters. Then they must choose a vehicle. From there, kids get the chance to power the vehicle and complete the adventure. Everything in the app moves smoothly and there are plenty of non-verbal cues to make it easy for kids to know what to do.


Developers note that this app is designed to help with motor skills and promote logical thinking skills. Throughout the app, kids are given non-verbal cues to help them understand what to do. Using these cues, kids must figure out how to make their vehicles move and what tasks they need to complete.


Within the app, kids can choose from three different adventures. They can rescue cats from trees and put out fires with the fire truck. They can blast off into space and pick up moon rocks with the spaceship. They can also hop aboard a boat and jump off ramps or turn into a submarine and dive deep into the water. Kids get to do all of these with the help of four fun characters. There are lots of fun sound effects, animations, and other interactive components to keep them engaged as they play.


While Little Tiger is a cute app and offers quality animation, it is priced higher than many apps of a similar quality. Still, parents looking for a cute app for kids, particularly toddlers and younger preschoolers may find it worthwhile.

Child Friendliness

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