Learn English Quickly – Phrases, Quiz, Flash Card Review

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 Learn English Quickly – Phrases, Quiz, Flash Card App Review

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Whether you are planning a trip or simply want to learn to speak a few key phrases in English, Learn English Quickly – Phrases, Quiz, Flash Card is the key to your success. This unique app allows you to learn English from through whatever language you know best. There are several tools to help you as well including flash cards and quizzes with over 1500 of the most common English phrases and words.

To begin learning, all you need to do is select your native language from the list. Next, you can select a category of words or phrases to begin learning. Some of the options include: Emergencies, expressions, numbers, shopping, travel and more. The app will show you the phrases in your native language but when you tap on the phrase or word, it will say it in English. You can also choose to use the flash card option which will give you the words or phrases in either your native language or in English and you will need to either translate it to English or listen to it and try to translate it back to your native language. If you feel like you have mastered a certain category, you can take a quiz and measure your progress.

This app was a little difficult for me to review because English is my native language. I speak some Spanish so I used the Spanish to English setting, however, some of the choices are words I didn’t recognize so I almost feel like there are more features to this app that I didn’t mention because I couldn’t read the category headings that were written in Spanish! However, if I consider it in reverse, I can really see the benefit of using an app like this to learn a foreign language from English. This app would be perfect for someone who is traveling to a foreign country for the first time and needs to know just a few words and phrases to communicate. It would be easy to look up and access these quickly if you are trying to communicate with someone on the street or in a restaurant or similar situation. The next time I plan a trip to a foreign country, I will definitely keep this app collection in mind!

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