Kids Scooter

Kids Scooter

Child Friendly
Guide the scooter down the road and avoid obstacles with Kids Scooter, a rad scooter-riding game for kids.


Kids Scooter gives kids the chance to practice their scooter skills as they ride through different themes. As they do, they’ll face obstacles that they must jump over. They’ll also get the chance to collect coins. The more they ride, the better they’ll become.

Features include:

  • Choose from multiple themes
  • Jump over obstacles
  • Collect coins
  • Play with different characters


It’s pretty easy for kids to figure out how to work the app. On the main screen, they’ll see a play button to help them get started. Then they can choose a theme. Only one theme is available at first, but they can unlock others as they play. At the beginning of each round, kids are shown how to move and jump. At times, the app can be a bit slow and jerky. In general, however, it works fairly well.


This app is not being rated for education.


Kids who like scooters will enjoy helping their character avoid obstacles and ride down the road in this app. The game is accompanied by rock-style music that parents might find loud and obnoxious, but skating fans will love. That, combined with the themes, helps make the game more fun for kids.


It’s free to download and play the game. An in-app purchase allows kids to purchase additional items. However, most of these are not necessary.

Child Friendliness

On the main screen of the app, kids will see icons for more games and rate us options. Tapping on those apps takes them out of the app and into a browser. Ads appear at the bottom of the screen and occasionally pop up between rounds. None of these elements are protected.

  • NO in-app purchase
  • YES more apps
  • YES rate us
  • 3rd party ads
  • in-app purchase

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