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Inch Worm by White Pixels App Review

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If puzzles and mazes are your forte, then have I got an app for you! Inch Worm by White Pixels is a wonderful app that provides challenging, problem solving fun for all ages! Your ability to think through problems and obstacles will be challenged in this family-friendly game.

The object is simple, help Inch the worm and his insect friends make it back to their homes. Sound easy? Well, it isn’t! The puzzles get increasingly more difficult with each level by making the pathways more complex, placing more obstacles in their way and giving you more and more insects to move back to their homes. There are also some levels that prevent you from going any direction you want and you must follow the direction of the arrows to navigate through the maze.

There are several reasons why this app is a winner in my book. First, I love apps that are just as fun for my kindergartener as they are for me! Second, the skills that this app cultivates are important and essential to the development of a child’s mind. Things like problem-solving, planning, strategizing and categorizing are introduced and strengthened. Third, this app is appropriate for children and adults who may have disabilities like color-blindness, autism or learning disabilities. Literally everyone can enjoy the challenge, experience the frustration, and ultimately revel in success when a puzzle is solved. It is a highly-enjoyable app for anyone to experience!

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