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iBiome – Ocean App Review

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iBiome – Ocean is the sequel to the award-winning educational game, iBiome – Wetland.  With iBiome – Ocean, kids can build and explore diverse and intricate ocean habitats with their guide, Professor Bio!  I thought that this app was really neat and a great science-driven app for kids.

The app is geared towards kids ages 7 through 12, and teaches them all about the underwater world and the sea life that lives there.  Complete with hand-drawn artwork and real-world biological interactions and relationships, this app uses engaging gameplay to introduce science concepts.  The areas to be explored include: Kelp Bed, Tide Pool, Open Ocean and Coral Reef (which you build yourself).  Kids will use drag-and-drop mechanics to create “Crazy Webs” to help them understand inter-species relationships.  I also love that this app teaches kids about real-life environmental challenges that the world is facing, as well as the different roles involved, including producers and consumers and predators and prey.

I thought that iBiome – Ocean was a great science app for kids.  If you have kids that are interested in science concepts, especially those about ocean life, be sure to check out this app.  I’m going to share this app with my son before our beach trip this year!

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