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Hustle: Sports Skills Training App Review

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If your child aspires to be on the court for March Madness or dreams of becoming a baller like Stephen Curry, then Hustle – Basketball Drills for Coaching & Training is an app you need to check out! This app provides several tools to help your child develop their basketball skills including drills, challenges and fitness training tips to give your athlete the competitive edge. With over 1000 drills from top developmental coaches, this app will provide hours of basketball workouts for your child.

The most valuable feature of this app, in my opinion, is the endless number of drills it provides for key skills needed to be a skilled player. From dribbling to ball handling, from passing to rebounding, there is no end to the benefits your player will gain from using this app. It is also a valuable tool for coaches to get ideas to create practice plans and fitness regimens for their team. There is also a “Weekly Challenge” from this app and players are encouraged to accept the challenge, video themselves doing the challenge and post their success online to compare with other players participating. The Activity Log keeps track of your player’s progress so they can see areas where they’ve improved and perhaps some areas where they still need more practice. They can also connect with their friends and teammates and share their Activity Log to compare themselves to other players and inspire them to work harder.

I am not a basketball player or coach, nor do I have one in my family. However, I can see the benefit in using this type of app to help my child improve their basketballs skills. I felt like the variety of options was hit on every key skill a player would need to master to become better. I was not a huge fan of the “connect with other players” part of the app because I try to monitor very closely who my child is connecting with online and how they are communicating and I am not sure how secure and this app would be. I also found that most of the drills and plans were locked and required “credits” to unlock them. These credits can be earned by inviting and sharing with other players or you can purchase them in-app. Overall, I feel like this is a quality app that has the potential to benefit players and coaches with supervision from parents and a few in-app purchases.

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