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  • Handybot
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  • Last modified: July 20, 2017
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Review Summary:

Use your logic and creative thinking skills to get the robot down the hole in Handybot, a fun logic-based game.

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Price: Free
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If you’re looking for a challenging logic game, consider checking out Handybot. In this engaging game, your job is to help the Handybot get to the hole. At first, it’s easy. However, as you advance through the levels, you’ll find that your logical thinking skills are put to the test.

Features include:

  • Multiple levels
  • Helpful tutorials
  • Sound effects and background music
  • Engaging logic game


Handybot is a well-organized app that features an engaging logic game. On the main screen, players will see icons that bring up ads and allow them to complete an in-app purchase to remove the ads. There’s also a drop down bar with some settings options. This bar can be collapsed to reveal the full screen. Once players get into the game, they’ll start each level with a tutorial. It’s easy to follow the tutorials and figure out how to make the Handybot move. However, getting the Handybot to the hole isn’t always easy.


This app is not overtly educational. However, it does require players to use their knowledge of lines and angles to figure out how to move the Handybot to the hole. At the beginning of each level, players can view a tutorial to help them. Tapping on the question mark during the level brings up the tutorial again. Each level adds additional movement options, so the game slowly increases in difficulty and complexity.


Players work through multiple levels. In each level, they face new challenges involved in getting the Handybot down the hole. While the first few levels are fairly easy, the later levels present enough difficulty to keep players on their toes and encourage them to keep trying to get it right.


In the free version of the app, players get to move through multiple levels of the game. Ads do exist in the free version, but they are not prevalent enough to decrease its value.

Child Friendliness

The app does contain third party ads, but they are not very prevalent. Occasionally they will appear between levels. Players can purchase an in-app purchase to remove the ads completely from the app.

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  • YES 3rd party ads
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Use your logic and creative thinking skills to get the robot down the hole in Handybot, a fun logic-based game.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars