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Grandma’s Great Gourd App Review

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Grandma’s Great Gourd is an interactive storybook app for children.  With Grandma’s Great Gourd, kids can experience a Bengali folktale and play 4 different ways!  I thought that this app would be a great opportunity to teach your child about another culture.

There are four main ways to play this app: Read, Roll, Record and Explore.  With Reading, kids can enjoy an animated, interactive adventure story that is based on the children’s picture book “Grandma and the Great Gourd: A Bengali Folktale”.  The story mode also features interactive gardening and gourd rolling mini-games.  Kids can read on their own with text-highlighting or enjoy an auto-play mode.  The Roll feature lets kids play a physics-based mini-game inspired by the folktale – as you roll Grandma through the forest and unlock powerful gourds of different shapes and sizes – this game was created by STEM educators!  The Record function of the app allows kids to create custom narrations and play with literary elements such as alliteration and onomatopoeia, or even record in another language.  The Explore section of the app allows kids to take a virtual field trip to South Asia and check out the local food, art, music, language and clothing.  Kids will learn about the wildlife of the Sundarbans Forest and make “puffed rice stars” and much more!  There are lots of fun in-app videos to watch, too!

I really loved the Grandma’s Great Gourd app.  I thought it was a really fun way to share another culture with your child.  Be sure to check this app out if you enjoy reading interactive storybooks with your child!

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