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Freggers Play is a fun way to teach your child how to code.  With Freggers Play, kids can tell stories with animated animals and characters, or invent their own games – through coding!  I love how this app features endless possibilities and encourages imagination, as it allows kids to build in a 3D world.  The app encourages kids to use their creativity and helps to improve their spatial imagination.

Through using Freggers Play, kids be the author, actor and director of their own story.  The app allows kids to build in a dream world, complete with a volcano island, dusty desert landscape or a treasure island.  There are lots of animals and characters for kids to incorporate into their story as well, including: dragons, ponies, pandas, monkeys, turtles, ninjas, cowboys and indians and more!

The building is done in 3D with easy touch control.  The app features realistic physics-simulation that kids will love.  I love that there is an idea generator for when kids need a little help getting started, but I suspect a few ideas and kids will roll with it on their own!  The app includes all worlds, all actions, two complete sets with unlimited number of figures and items for free – then additional sets can be purchase in-app.

There is no coding experience needed to enjoy this app.  If you are looking for something new for your child to learn, be sure to check out Freggers Play.  I thought this app was really cool!

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