Free App Friday – March 31, 2017- Let’s Go On An Adventure

Welcome to another Free App Friday! This week we’ve found some great free apps to quench your child’s desire for screen time, while providing a learning environment at the same time. Today’s apps are perfect for kids with an active imagination. They can go on vacations, to outer space, the zoo and more. We’ve also got a great app for the little ones who want to play games but can’t read yet.

Smart Fish- Frequent Flyer

If you are getting ready to fly with little kids this year, this is a great app for you. In Smart Fish – Frequent Flyer, your child is taken through all the steps that come with air travel. They will pack their suitcase, go through security check-in, board the plane, and pick up their luggage. There are 13 different destinations for them to visit. This is a great app for any child who wants to fly on an airplane.

Nommons: Math Universe

If your child is up for a space adventure, Nommons: Math Universe is the app for them. Using addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, they will help the Nommons fix their ship and fly through the universe to find their home. Watch out for enemies and collect candy pieces to build your own universe. How could math get any more fun?

Marlee’s Adventure in London

Marlee’s Adventure in London is a story app. Your children will follow along with Marlee the dog as she visits some of London’s most famous attractions. Marlee finds herself solving a crime involving the Queen by the end. A really fun and engaging app that will introduce a new country to your child (if they don’t live in England) :).

Monsterpark Zoo

Zookeeper for the day anyone? In Monsterpark, your child will get the chance to be the zookeeper of a zoo full of monsters. They will use their problem-solving skills to figure out what the animals want and help them. They could be hungry, need a bath, or want some exercise. They will be able to figure it out with the stress-free gameplay environment.


Tiny Tiger and Friends

Tiny, Tiger, and Monkey are looking for a friend. They need someone who is ready to play dress up, sing songs, and play games, like peek-a-boo. This intuitive app is great for the little ones who aren’t reading yet, but still want to play games.