Free App Friday – March 10, 2017- Builders Wanted

Welcome to another Free App Friday! This week we’ve found some great free apps to quench your child’s desire for screen time, while providing a learning environment at the same time. Today’s apps  are designed to get your child thinking out-of-the-box as they create and problem-solve their way through these apps. Many of these apps give an introduction to coding, which is becoming an important skill to learn, especially if they like video games.


Bloxels is an app where your child can take their game ideas from idea conception to playing in a matter of minutes. Your child will get the chance to be artist, writer, programmer, designer, and player. They will create their game room and when they are ready to play, they snap a picture with the in-app camera, to digitize their creation. They can even share their world and play in worlds that others have created, with parental consent.


RelationShapes is an award winning app that teaches spatial reasoning and problem-solving skills to your child. RelationShapes has two modes: match it and picture it. They will be able to use their imaginations as they solve these puzzles with many different shapes and colors.

Think & Learn Code-a-pillar

Code-a-pillar needs your child’s help to navigate through a maze, overcome obstacles, as well as refuel with something to eat. Your child will help the Code-a-pillar by giving commands, using number sequencing, and number recognition. They will love the animations in this app and will  practice their number and problem-solving skills at the same time.

SpriteBox: Code Hour

SpriteBox is an app where kids explore and learn to code at the same time. As the progress through their adventure, they will help Sprite unlock his friends by giving him commands. Playing this app will allow them to learn about command sequences, debug faulty logic, and use simple to complex loops to solve problems.

Pet Bingo

Pet Bingo gives your child the chance to grow a pet while they practice their adding, subtracting, multiplication, and dividing skills. Pet Bingo can be played by kids from kindergarten to fourth grade. The app gives lots of tricks from teachers to make sure kids are understanding the concepts they are being taught.