Free App Friday – January 13, 2017- Apps For Mom

Welcome to another Free App Friday! This week we’ve found some great free apps to quench your child’s desire for screen time, while providing a learning environment at the same time. We’ve also found some apps for mom to help make parenting easier. Invitations and RSVPs by Text, Healthy Eating Magazine and MyVoice are all apps to make life easier for moms. We also have Sago Mini Friends Dress Up for preschoolers and GoNoodle Kids to get your kids moving.

Invitations and RSVPs By Text

Tired with friends and family never getting back to you about birthday parties? Invitations and RSVPs By Text could be the solution to help you with invitations for your next event. You can create photo invitations and send them by text. Your family and friends can simply reply back to your text whether or not they can come. No need to worry about invitations getting lost in the mail again!

Healthy Eating Magazine

Is eating healthier one of your goals for this year? Do you struggle getting your kids to break away from mac and cheese? Your solution could be the Healthy Eating Magazine app. Get inspiration, recipes, and tips to help make healthier choices for your family this year.


MyVoice is an app that help others communicate. There are a number of different functions, such as typing words, picking out pictures to communicate, recording voice plus more. This could be very useful for kids who have a hard time putting their emotions into words.

Sago Mini Babies Dress Up

Preschoolers will love playing dress up in Sago Mini Babies Dress Up. They have dozens of costumes and accessories to choose from and will enjoy using their imagination as they swap items out to create fun looks. They can snap a picture of their characters all dressed up when they are done.

GoNoodle Kids

Do you get frustrated with how kids have a seemingly endless supply of energy? Are they stuck inside do to cold weather? GoNoodle Kids is all you need. GoNoodle Kids features songs and videos to get kids up and moving. They can burn off that energy while they dance around and do the activities found on the app. They can also do mindfulness exercises and yoga to calm down and get focused.