Free App Friday – April 7, 2017- Tired of Rain? Time to Play!

Welcome to another Free App Friday! This week we’ve found some great free apps to quench your child’s desire for screen time, while providing a learning environment at the same time. Today’s apps are perfect for killing time on rainy days.

Number Games

This app features many different activities for your child. Counting, matching, and number recognition are just some of the activities your child will participate in while they play. Cute, colorful animations will make playing fun in this positive environment. Parental controls will give you the ability to control music, purchases, and more.

Cutie Mini Monsters

Cutie Mini Monsters is a safe app for preschoolers that introduces numbers and counting. There are no advertisements or purchases. This app features simply jigsaw puzzles and a counting book. A great app for toddlers and preschoolers.

Kids Learn Seasons and Months

Kids Learn Seasons and Months is a great app to introduce the seasons and months of the year to your children. They will learn the names of each month along with what the weather looks like in that month. They will learn about which clothes are appropriate for different kinds of weather. They will also learn how to say the names of the seasons and months as well as spell them.

Spring Art Painting Maker

Is the rainy spring season making your kids restless? Let them spend their time creating beautiful artwork with Spring Art Painting Maker. They will only be limited by their imaginations. They will be able to save their creations to show friends and family.


Crazy Plant Shop

Crazy Plant Shop is a great app for kids who are in biology and learning how genetic traits are passed down. They get orders for plants with unique traits and must figure out which plants to breed in order to make the right plants. They will need to understand genetic traits and how dominate and recessive traits work. This will be a great way to practice those science concepts they are learning.