Free App Friday – April 28, 2017- Bring Your Imagination

Welcome to another Free App Friday! This week we’ve found some great free apps to quench your child’s desire for screen time, while providing a learning environment at the same time. Today’s apps will allow your child to strengthen their imagination as they create stories, and explore places like underwater and outer space.

Arthur’s Story Maker: Pirates

Arther’s Story Maker: Pirates allows your child to take on the part of co-author as they help decide what happens in the story. They will exercise their imaginations as they choose the characters and their outfits, decide the props, and finish the outcome of the story. They will learn about putting stories together, as well as be introduced to new words. They can watch their stories unfold and create new ones every time.

Ocean Forests

Ocean Forests brings your child underwater to explore and play games in the environment around them. The will get experience ocean life through STEM games and open discovery. Facts about underwater life will get them excited to learn more. Underwater adventures are brought to life through this app.

Smart Fish: States Run

Smart Fish: States Run is a fun way to learn about United States geography. Your child will learn states, capitals, abbreviations, state flags, major cities and more. They will learn by helping lost travelers find where they need to go and flying them there. A stress-free way to learn important information.

Martha Speaks Story Maker

If you have fans of Martha Speaks in your house, they will love this app. In Martha Speaks Story Maker, your child will help develop the storyline. They will get to choose new words and have Martha read the story back to them. This app will help them develop their vocabulary skills while they play along with their favorite talking dog.


Astroblast Rocket Rush

Astroblast- a new Sprout series, lets you blast off into outer space with your favorite characters. Take turns being each character to explore new parts of the ship. Upgrade your ships, collect powers, and master gravity as you fly across space developing positive relationships and learning healthy habits.