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Fashtory is a great app for those people who like to stay in fashion.  With Fashtory, users can enjoy a handy pocket fashion directory, which provides access to leading designers and fashion stores all over the world!  I thought that this app had a neat concept and would be perfect for those interested in fashion.

The app provides a quick look at your favorite stores and their latest fashion trends.  Everything from the newest collections will be easily accessible to view, and you can even save designers and get notifications when they are having sales!  The app includes local and worldwide designers, brands and stores.

Getting started is simple, just set up your exclusive profile and portfolio and let the fashion come to you.  (There is no account required.)  Then, search by country or designer and swipe portfolio pages with ease.  Bookmark favorite designers and stores for easier searching in the future.  You can also contact designers directly with questions and inquiries, or even chat with designers.  You can receive instant notifications when new designers join, too!

If you are interested in fashion, I would definitely check out Fashtory.  The app features a free trial for 4 months.  And there is no contract and no commission to worry about.

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