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Browse designs from up and coming designers from the comfort of your own home with Fashstory.

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If you’re a fan of fashion design, you may enjoy Fashstory. This new app gives up and coming fashion designers a place to display their work. The app features designers from around the world. Want to see the latest from designers in Italy? Saudi Arabia? Just select the country to view the designers and images of their latest designs.

Features include:

  • Browse fashion designers by country
  • View images of hot new fashions
  • Contact designers directly
  • Discover new fashion


Users can select a country, and then select from a list of designers that represent that country. Most designers are from Middle Eastern countries. Some designers have prices on their fashions, while others simply have images. Many countries and designers are light on content. It is also difficult to imagine contacting a designer directly. However, the app is easy to navigate.


This app is not being rated for education.


If you like fashion, you’ll enjoy seeing what kinds of new fashion are out there. You can view pictures from a wide variety of designers around the world. Some of their designs are kind of blah, but you’ll find a few wow pieces as well. You can also save some of your favorite designers to get updates when they add new pieces.


The app is free to download. It only offers a small collection of designers and they may not be everyone’s style.

Child Friendliness

  • Protected Parent Area
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  • NO in-app purchase
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  • YES more apps (protected, but visible)

Browse designs from up and coming designers from the comfort of your own home with Fashstory.

Editor rating
Rated 4 stars