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  • Last modified: August 26, 2017
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Review Summary:

I’m always searching for new word games because I love them so much and I’ve found my new favorite in eTabu Word Search! This challenging app is kind of a cross between a classic word search and Hangman. As if finding the words in a puzzle wasn’t challenging enough, this app requires you to figure out what words you are searching for with only one letter and a category as clues!

The puzzles come with three levels: Easy, Medium and Hard. The only difference between the levels is how many directions the words can go (vertically, horizontally, diagonally, etc.) and which letter of each word you are given. Each puzzle has a general category such as “Sunlight” and the words you need to find within the puzzle are related to that word. For example the “Sunlight” puzzle might have words like “Rays”, “Sunshine”, or “Glare”. However, the actual words are not given only one letter and dashes to represent the number of letters in the word are given. So, you not only have to search the puzzle for the words but you also have to figure out what those words might be by those two clues. Add to that the fact that you are also being timed and you’ve got yourself a unique and challenging word game!

The minute I opened this app, I was hooked! I love word searches anyway but I really love how this one has the added challenge of not knowing beforehand the words you are searching for. Even better, my kids are now hooked and we love sitting down together to solve the puzzles. It has really forced them to think outside the box and has provided several opportunities for me to teach them new vocabulary words as well. This is a free app that I would highly recommend. Happy Hunting!

Editor rating
Rated 5 stars