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Dr. Panda Train is yet another great addition to the Dr. Panda series of preschool games.  With Dr. Panda Train, kids can help Dr. Panda as he puts on his conductor hat and takes passengers on a journey!  I thought that this was a very cute app, and one that preschoolers would love, especially those that are already fans of Dr. Panda!

As always, there are lots of things to do in this Dr. Panda app.  Kids can drive the train, show their passengers to their seats and load their cargo as they begin their journey.  I thought it was fun that kids could stamp the passengers tickets and serve them snacks, too.  As you are driving the train, you can tour the jungle or steam along through the desert.  There are lots of secrets to find along your journey as you travel across three huge environments, including 12 unique train stations.  I love the free-form style of play that allows kids to explore in their own time.  There are also rewards to be earned by delivering cargo!

I thought Dr. Panda Train was a great app for preschoolers.  My son has always loved the Dr. Panda apps.  If you are looking for a fun new app for your preschooler, be sure to check out Dr. Panda Train, and if you like it – there are tons of other Dr. Panda apps to check out as well!

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