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When we visit my parents’ house, one of my son’s favorite things to do is get out their play kitchen and play “Restaurant”. He loves to take our orders and prepare the food. He serves it to us like a real waiter and even rings up our purchase at the cash register. Dr. Panda Café gives kids the opportunity to “play restaurant” on your mobile device! They can seat guests, take orders and prepare food just like they were working in a real café!

Dr. Panda Café takes your child into a quaint little café run by the adorable Dr. Panda. When you enter the restaurant, you must first seat the guests who walk in the door. Once they are seated you can take their order. Next you must go back to the kitchen and help the adorable turtle chef prepare the order. Finally, you take the food out to the guests and they can enjoy their meal! After they finish eating their food, you can go back to the table to collect their payment. The more coins you earn, the more menu choices are unlocked for your guests to choose from. Finally, you must go back and clear the dirty dishes and wipe up the table so it is ready for the next guests who walk in the door

I don’t know who enjoyed playing this app more, me or my son! Playing restaurant was always one my favorite games to play as a child and this app has proven to me that hasn’t changed! Even my older kids wanted to have a turn taking orders and making food. This app has bright and colorful graphics, fun sound effects and adorable animal characters that your children will love playing with. This app also helps children develop memorization skills as they must remember which guest ordered which items when they take the food back to the table. Dr. Panda Café really is a delightful app that your family will enjoy playing!

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