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Code Adventures provides young children with the perfect system to learn foundational ideas about computer programming. Each level presents an increasingly challenging task to for the small furry character to accomplish, and children will need to exercise logic, sequencing, and creativity skills to incorporate new commands and put everything in the right order to get the job done.

Features include:

  • 26 levels
  • Intuitive interface
  • Simple commands
  • Nurtures visual skills
  • Develops logic skills
  • Teaches foundational coding concepts


Code Adventures: Programming for Kids is a high quality app that will provide challenging puzzles for budding programmers. The app is very intuitive, allowing children to focus on solving the puzzles without getting bogged down in figuring out how to use the app. The main character is cute, and the puzzles begin simply enough, then become gradually more complex. New commands are introduced at a reasonable pace, and there are several tools, such as an overlay grid to help with placement and counting sections, that will really help users accomplish the goals.


This app is highly educational. On the surface, computer coding may seem a bit unusual for young children to pursue, but this app gives a clear picture of how a computer follows step-by-step instructions. Children will need to put the commands into the right order, so they will practice sequencing. They also will discover the need to repeat commands to move the character around the screen, since each move only takes it one unit in any direction. Every few levels, a new command is introduced, increasing the complexity of the task and the number of steps necessary to accomplish it.

The app includes an optional grid overlay that will help children with a sense of distance, and it allows as many trials as needed to accomplish the task. It’s easy to erase incorrect code steps and try again, so the app will encourage experimentation and persistence.


Code Adventures is highly entertaining. The puzzles are engaging and each level is different. Some have a single goal while others have multiple goals. The app includes a nice selection of hints, which should prevent youngsters from becoming hopelessly stuck as they build the skills to complete all 26 levels. Along the way, they will learn relatively complex coding concepts including looping and functional overloading.


Code Adventures: Programming for Kids costs $2.99 in the App Store, but it’s a worthwhile investment. The app just might help your child take off on a new hobby or even a career path, and everyone will benefit from the visual-spatial skills, logic, and sequencing skills that are nurtured.

Child Friendliness

Code Adventures is relatively child friendly. There is an unprotected ratings section, and children can change the language, but other than that, there are no potential issues with this app.

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Code Adventures
Code Adventures: Programming for Kids is a great app that will nudge users along the path to better understanding how computers work and how to be meticulous in giving step-by-step instructions. Even those who will never program a real computer will benefit from playing because the app nurtures logical thinking, sequencing, and more.
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