How to Choose Toys that Encourage your Child’s Development

When selecting toys for your children, how do you decide on the appropriate ones? How can you tell which ones are well-made and will last for a long span of time? Which are safe for your children? A lot of toys have age-range information which you should observe since this can be useful to keep your children safe from danger; in these cases, it is best to give your children gifts that are age-appropriate, and you can easily determine these by looking at the toys’ package or box where the recommended age-range is stated. However, when it comes to playing, this label only serves as a guide; your children’s interests and development stages are still the basis for you to get a better idea of which toys to choose.

There are a ton of toys available, and considering your children’s wants, needs, tastes, and influences, selecting toys can be a really challenging task. Below are some ideas on what types of toys to purchase to nurture your child’s development:


  • Choose Toys that can be Used in Various Ways

Children, especially toddlers, love doing different things to their toys – taking them apart, putting them back together, pulling something out, putting something inside; this is why you should get “open-ended” toys for them so they can play a lot of games with these. You may give them wooden blocks to make roads or bridges or other similar toys that they can use to bring out their creativity. These kinds of toys help enhance their imagination while developing skills in logical thinking and problem-solving.

  • Pick the Toys that Allow Children to Explore and Solve Problems

Playing gives children the opportunity to practice new skills overtime, so take this chance for them to learn by letting them play with toys such as puzzles, blocks, modeling clay, and other art materials since these challenge them to figure out how to solve things on their own or with your help. These toys build and enhance their skills in logical thinking while they grow to become persistent when faced with problems. Open-ended toys also help children develop hand-eye coordination, fine motor, and spatial relations skills.

  • Allow Your Children to Play with the Real Things or Toys that Look Like These

Children get more curious as they grow older and they start getting interested in various objects such as the TV remotes, light switches, and even your mobile phones; plus, they also start figuring out how these things actually work.

However, since you would most likely prevent your children from playing with these gadgets or other electronic devices present in your home, give them toy phones/toy gadgets or allow them to play with your old, broken devices instead. These toys also help children solve problems while developing fine motor skills which are necessary when they write, eat on their own, and to do other tasks that require the use of one’s hands and fingers.

For children to understand things around them, they will need to have a direct experience with the world. Do you wonder about everything they learn after they are born? They learn how to sit up, crawl, walk, talk, run, and eventually, they learn about people and the environment. All of these are easily learned by playing with toys, so always accompany them when they play to guide them properly and adequately.

  • Let Them Play with Toys that Encourage Physical Activity

Children try to do different kinds of physical tricks as they grow older since they begin having more strength and confidence. As they do these, your tasks include watching them to ensure they are safe and also showing them appreciation – be a supportive audience for their new achievements in life. When it comes to toys, select those that will help them enhance their current physical skills as well as those that help develop new skills. Some great toys that will encourage physical activity are balls, scooters, bicycles, child-sized basketball hoops, toy gardening tools, and a lot more.

Amazing Copter is a cool toy that will encourage your children to get physically active since; these toy has beautiful led lights that look just like fireworks in the sky, UFO’s, airplanes, and even shooting stars that’ll leave everyone in awe. The Amazing Copter is great for children three years of age and above since they can help enhance their hand-eye coordination as well as their physical strength while maintaining their weight to keep themselves healthy. Since they will be physically active, this will allow them to also improve their mood and mental health which is helpful in preventing various health conditions in the future. Moreover, being physically active also helps prevent cardiovascular diseases and it can also reduce one’s risk of having type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and certain types of cancers. Playing with the Amazing Copter can attribute to all around well being for any child.

Author Bio : Ellie Bell is a professional blog writer, working at Whistle Copter, which offers a wide range of bubblegun toys for children. Follow her  company on YouTube, Twitter and Google Plus.