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Calm Mind is a great introductory app for anyone who is looking to try meditation.  With Calm Mind, users can experience a comprehensive meditation app that is great for all levels.  This app was listed as #1 in Apple’s “New Apps We Love” in November 2016.

Calm Mind offers a wide array of meditation tools, including: 300 guided mediation series, 50 sounds for unguided meditation, kids guided meditations, relaxation and sleep programs and tools, 60 nature scenes and even a breathing trainer.  If you are looking to explore the benefits of meditation, this would be a great app to start your journey.  I love how the app is accessible for all levels, those who have been meditating, and those who are looking to try it for the first time.

The Calm Mind app seeks to help users lower their stress levels, learn to relax more deeply, even sleep more restfully.  Meditation can also help with improved creativity and concentration, as well as focusing better at work or school.

If you are looking to try meditation, I would definitely check out this app.  I practice meditation regularly, and I feel like this app would be a great place to start, if interested.  I also think that meditation could be useful not only for parents, but their children as well.  Be sure to check this one out!

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