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Bunny Mindfulness is an engaging and fun way to help young children learn to control their breathing and discover the benefits of meditation. It is likely to help children calm down when upset if they practice when they feel alright, and will also help children develop self-control and tension-relieving strategies.

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Bunny Mindfulness is a mindful breathing and meditation app designed to help adults and children alike discover the value and relaxation of controlled breathing. The app offers several levels of difficulty, control over the number of cycles/minutes of each exercise, and even has a rewards system for completing exercises.

Features include:

  • Control difficulty level and length of exercises
  • Cute, breathing bunny to help keep breaths on track
  • Rewards store to use points earned by completing exercises
  • Control sounds and volume


Bunny Mindfulness is a high quality app that performs like a dream. Developers allow a high degree of control over the app’s set up and use, which is very nice, and having different levels of difficulty as well as the ability to control the length of the exercises makes it nice for all ages.


Children and adults alike can learn stress management and reduce anxiety by practicing breathing control with Bunny Mindfulness. This app would be particularly beneficial to students who experience test anxiety, as it helps promote relaxation. So while not really intended to be educational, the app does provide educational benefit.


While this app is not really intended to be entertaining as such, it actually is kind of fun to use. The main bunny character is cute, and most children will find the store points-purchasing system to be rewarding and motivating.  At present, points can be earned by completing breathing exercises, then used to purchase decorations for the sky or the perk of double points on the next round. Developers seem to have more store items in the works, and they suggest that users be sure to download the latest version of the app to access them when they become available.


Bunny Mindfulness costs just ninety-nine cents in the App Store, which is an excellent value. There are no in-app purchases; store points are earned simply by using the app, and developers promise that that’s the way it will stay.

Child Friendliness

This app is very child-friendly.

  • NO external links
  • NO social media
  • NO 3rd party ads
  • NO in-app purchase

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