BrainOut Review

BrainOut is a new puzzle app for kids available in the GooglePlay store.  With BrainOut, kids can exercise their brainpower while playing a series of fun puzzle games.  I thought that this app would be a fun way for kids to increase their strategy and logic skills.

The BrainOut app features a series of games that are designed to improve memory, calculation, reaction time, attention to detail and many other important learning skills.  There are games where kids will select the item that does not belong with the rest of the group, and games where kids select the item that is just a bit different from the rest, etc. If you are looking to help your child strengthen their attention to detail, there are several puzzles that are designed for that very purpose.

The BrainOut game features leaderboards and achievements to keep kids growing and learning.  I would recommend this app to those who have a GooglePlay device and wish to help their child develop puzzle/logic skills.  I feel it would be best for elementary age students.