Black Blue

Child Friendly
Black Blue is a fun and unique puzzle app that challenges players to choose the best starting point for their color when tracing complex shapes so that they cover more of the shape than the opponent’s color.

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Price: $0.99
AppStore User Rating: 3.5

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Black Blue is an intriguing puzzle app that is simple to learn and challenging to play. The game has options for single players and two players. The object is to connect the dots to cover more of the given shape with blue than the computer’s (or the opponent’s) black tracing. A graph at the top of the screen keeps “score” with relative percentages that each color has covered, and starting your play at different dots changes which part of the shape is covered by your blue line.

Features include:

  • Simple game play
  • One or two player modes
  • 72 levels
  • Easy one-handed control
  • Game Center integration


Black Blue is a high quality app that will keep puzzle fans engaged for hours. Once players understand how the game works (which is easy to figure out by trial and error), the game play seems simple, but the strategies will keep players intrigued. Developers should consider more in-depth directions, though. The short demo videos may not be clear to all players, and simple things like the object of the game should be spelled out for all.


This app is not intended to be educational.


Black Blue is highly entertaining. The puzzles get progressively harder through the levels, and players are challenged with increasingly complex shapes and strategies. There are 72 levels, which should keep even the most dedicated puzzler occupied for quite some time, and having the two-player option is a wonderful way to satisfy competitive itches. The game is also equipped to access the Game Center, where players can compare their scores and performances with players from around the world.


This app is ninety-nine cents on the App Store, which is a great value if you are looking for a puzzle app that is simple to learn yet with enough challenge to provide hours of gaming fun.

Child Friendliness

This app accesses the Game Center, has a ratings section, and allows access the internet, social media and email.

  • NO 3rd party ads
  • YES more apps (unprotected)
  • YES social media (unprotected)
  • YES outside links (unprotected)
  • YES ratings section (unprotected)
  • YES email link (unprotected)

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