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Learn a new language through conversations with native speakers using Bilingua.

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Price: Free
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Bilingua is designed help people learn a language by conversing with others. Users are matched with conversation partners based on personal interests and the languages they want to learn. Through games and fun conversations, they begin to build their language skills.

Features include:

  • Take a personality quiz
  • Play fun language games
  • Converse with other language learners
  • Improve your language learning skills


From the cute tiger logo to the organized menus inside, Bilingua has the feel of a quality app. When the app is first opened, users are prompted to log in using Facebook or another social media account. An e-mail option is also available if necessary.


Bilingua focuses on language learning through conversation. An instructions screen linked to in each chat window encourages users to spend time conversing in both languages. However, there is not any language instruction, which makes it difficult for beginning language learners to benefit from the app. In fact, instead of focusing on the language, the app focuses more on the personalities of users and even offers a 100-question personality quiz to help narrow down the list of potential conversation partners. Unfortunately, even after taking the quiz, the number of potential partners seems a bit overwhelming, particularly if a person is not extremely specific in their answers to the quiz.


Users learn a language through games and conversations with other language learners. While the app is designed with a lot of fun elements, it does not feel very entertaining until users get past many of the initial stages. Most of the entertainment comes from finding interesting conversation partners, but it’s hard to tell if a partner will be interesting just by looking at a list of names.


Bilingua is free to download and use. It offers a platform similar to other language learning apps, but many of the features are unavailable or “coming soon” in the beta version.

Child Friendliness

In order for the app to work, users must create a profile by linking a social media account or signing up through Twitter. Additionally, the whole premise of the app allows users to have conversations with strangers. There’s no telling who kids or teens could converse with through the app.

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Learn a new language through conversations with native speakers using Bilingua.

Editor rating
Rated 4 stars