Best 5th Grade Apps [Updated for 2020]

Help your fifth grader stay on top of their game

We Reviewed Dozens Of The Best 5th Grade Apps So You Don’t Have To. Here Are Our Top Picks.

Help your kids stay on top of their game with the best apps for 5th graders, including 5th grade math apps and 5th grade reading apps.

Top Apps for 5th Graders

Help your kids stay on top of their learning with the best apps for fifth graders. We have math apps, reading apps, science apps, coding apps, awesome game apps and just about everything else covered.

Fifth grade gets serious. It is more than just multiplication, state capitals, decimals and multiplication; your tech-savvy child is preparing to enter middle school. Time to help them with the top apps for 5th graders. As always we found apps that really balance engagement and learning.

All subjects are important for fifth grade age children to master. Building a solid foundation now is critical. The games and engagement from apps help kids practice in a fun and rewarding way.

Apps for kids can help make learning fun and take the frustration out of practicing for young learners.

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Top 5 Apps for 5th Graders

A little programmer odyssey, some hilarious audio story and a monkey throwing a party for his friends. Yep, this list of the coolest apps for a 5th grader is unique. While we were curating our list of 5th grader apps, we found that there were some amazing and unique apps that really pushed the boundary. Take Cato’s Hike, an app that is geared towards children, yet teaches the powerful concept of programming. These are apps today’s fifth grader can access that we as adults couldn’t even dream about. Helping your children learn these advanced concepts in an engaged and fun way is exciting. Oh, before we forget, don’t forget to check out Slice Fractions, we’ve never found fractions to be so hilariously easy.


Fly into a beautiful action adventure and save a whimsical world full of flight and fantasy. Master the wind to fly, freefall, dash and bash your way across beautiful 3D rendered sky-islands, jungles, seas and deserts. An incredibly well polished, charming adventure game. If you’re looking for a great premium App, look to further

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SparkleFish is a hilarious audio story completion game that will have you laughing uncontrollably. With SparkleFish you can record creative words in your own voice for playback inside surprising, ad-lib stories. If you enjoy Mad Libs, then you’ll really love SparkleFish. It’s fun for all ages, species, individuals, groups, etc.

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Slice Fractions

This award-winning, problem-solving game is an incredibly fun way to learn fractions. Thanks to the game’s research-proven effectiveness, kids get a head start at school while having fun with fundamental math concepts. Wow! Kids between 5 and 12 slice through ice and lava to clear the mammoth’s path, unraveling the mystery of fractions!

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Cato’s Hike: A Programming Odyssey

Cato is a little boy who just like every little boy likes to go out and play. One fine day Cato was playing outside when a portal to another world opened up in front of him; a portal to another world! Stuck until he discovered the rules in this universe: by writing a program for himself he would be able to overcome all obstacles & learn along the way!

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Monkey Party Learn Algebra

Cappy the Monkey is throwing a party for his friends and is collecting fruit to make desserts. Oh no! The fruits Cappy is collecting are falling off the leaves. Help Cappy save his fruit. You can’t have a party without dessert! Learn pre-algebra, negative numbers, fractions and graphs! The graphics are super cute.

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Top 5 Reading & Writing Apps for 5th Graders

Curating the top reading and writing apps for 5th graders was no easy job. The sheer quantity and quality of innovative, classroom-proven apps that blend learning, engaging content and traditional assessment is overwhelming. What a great time to be learning. The 5th grade reading and writing apps we ended up recommending each address students’ varied learning styles. Not every 5th grade reading app is going to suit all children the same, so try them all and see which ones capture the attention of your child and make them want to learn and understand more.


Grammaropolis is where grammar lives! Hailed as a Schoolhouse Rock for the 21st Century, Grammaropolis uses the parts of speech as animated characters whose personalities are based on the roles they play in the sentence. From the shady pronoun always trying to take the noun’s place to the motherly conjunction who just wants everyone to get along, Grammaropolis achieves the seemingly impossible: we make learning grammar fun!

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News-O-Matic covers relevant news of the day in an engaging way, exploring its many facets through images, maps, videos, and games. Whether your interest is sports, science, world news, or wacky events, News-O-Matic delivers what’s making the news! It offers a window to the world and beyond helping readers become global citizens! All articles are written by professional children’s writers to ensure emotionally safe content.

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Fry Words

The Fry 1000 Instant Words are a list of the most common words used for teaching reading, writing, and spelling. These high frequency words should be recognized instantly by readers. To make learning the Fry Words fun, simple, and easy, we have broken all 1,000 Fry words into unique sets of 10 words each. Dr. Edward B. Fry’s Instant Words (which are often referred to as the “Fry Words”) are the most common words used, ranked by frequency.

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Say Word

Say Word is an educational challenge developed for kids and adults. The game is interactive and played by dragging & dropping homonyms to the applicable fill in the blank sentence. Have fun matching words with sentences, earning points, winning stickers and advancing to the next game level. A combination of high frequency words and sight words. A great educational challenge designed for kids and will lead to improved reading skills.

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Story Chaser

The only storybook speed-reading game in town, Story Chaser is a fun category of its own. Allow yourself the excitement to play famous & inspiring stories; and answer correctly about what’s going on! Beware! Don’t let yourself be seduced by storytelling magic – not all words are what they seem to be! Use your Reading Powers to get extra time, highlight words, shuffle questions or uncover hidden animations. Earn extra coins as you go.

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Top 5 Math Apps for 5th Graders

“Math is so much fun” is something you likely never hear from your 5th grader. That’s why our list of the top 5th grade math apps is everything you been looking for. These math apps are so much fun you will have to pull your 5th grader off of it after hours of play (and learning). As always, we’ve chosen math apps that 5th graders can use to supplement their schoolwork without buying a lot of books or printing worksheets. Each app covers a lot of ground concept-wise. Of course, all the apps have some kind of adorable mascot that keeps kids on task with lots of encouragement.

Times Table Galaxy

Zoom through space on an exciting journey with Times Table Galaxy. Make learning competitive, social and fun with this dynamic vertical scrolling arcade game. Designed by award winning educators, Times Table Galaxy will help you excel at maths while having a lot of fun. Our apps are proudly kid safe to protect your security and privacy. Get started learning your times tables today, for free! Read ReviewiOS App Store

Math Word Problems

Unique on the app store, this app helps kids understand HOW to do math word problems step-by-step. We start with the absolute basics, and by the end your child will know how to interpret and complete one-step math word problems using addition and subtraction. Each level in Math Word Problems targets a specific step in working through a math word problem. Work through problems in a fun way.  Read ReviewiOS App Store

iTooch Elementary

With more than 25,000 exercises, iTooch Elementary is a new and fun way of practicing and learning Math, Language Arts and Science for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th Graders. It is, by far, the largest collection of educational activities based on the US National Common Core Standards on the App Store. iTooch apps provide comprehensive learning solutions which help students in a motivating way.

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Manic Math

Amazing app to improve your math skills. This game is recommended as a winning choice for parents and a educational/fun activity for children. The game logic is incredible simple! Just combine two numbers and one math operation to match the proposed objective. Manic Math is one fantastic application designed to keep your mind in shape.iOS App Store

Operation Math

Defeat Dr. Odd and earn the latest spy gear in the award-winning game that transforms math drills into a global learning adventure. From the streets of Paris to the pyramids of Egypt, Operation Math includes more than 100 timed missions that help players learn addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Play it for fun or use in the classroom as an awesome supplement to homework.

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Top 5 Education Apps for 5th Graders

By the 5th grade, children are learning about a comprehensive list topics and skills that support Common Core goals. There is a wealth of information out there and educational apps can be a critical part of learning about all these wonderful things. We found 5th grade education apps that are chock-full of great information, experiments, games, and other fun activities for children to enjoy. Not only do kids have the chance to learn about various inventors and scientists, but they can also learn to code or take virtual tutorials to become better at math. The young genius can jump into the lab our Thomas Edison app. Explore the lab, play games, learn about Thomas Edison and other inventors. Overall, an engaging list of education apps that are perfect for your fifth grader.


With the free CK-12 app for iPhone and iPad, you’re in control of learning. CK-12 features 5000+ math and science lessons and concepts – all accessible anytime, anywhere. All content is created and curated by teachers, for students. Whether you’re looking to improve your grades, or brush up on your favorite math or science topics, CK-12 has you covered.

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Virtual Nerd Math

Pearson is proud to introduce Virtual Nerd Mobile Math. This amazing math app provides on-the-go access to Virtual Nerd’s extensive video library. Interactive tutorial videos review fundamental math concepts in middle school and high school. Whether you’re a student, teacher, or parent you will love Virtual Nerd Mobile Math.

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Khan Academy

You can learn anything — for free: Over 10,000 videos and explanations at your fingertips in math, science, economics, history, and much, much more. Quickly find what you need: Redesigned navigation and search make it faster to find what you want. Keep learning even when you’re offline by bookmarking content for easy access.

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Hopscotch: Coding

This award-winning app lets you make your own games and publish them instantly for anyone to play! Use our super easy-to-follow videos to make games like Angry Birds, create pixel art, or build something brand new. Students love working on this app and being able to code gives them a much better understanding of how computers work. Demystifies tech.

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Thomas Edison’s Lab

Together with Thomas Edison, the greatest inventor of all time, the Secret Lab Kids will show you how fun science can be. In fact, it’s a BLAST! Unknown to the world, Thomas Edison had a secret lab where he invented a virtual version of himself and Von Bolt, a nearly-completed robot, to guide and inspire future generations of young scientists.

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