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Beld- Applop  App Review

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Beld by Applop provides an easy solution to those who wish to create their own website.  With Beld by Applop, users can create a website, through chatting with a smart bot!  I thought that this app had a unique concept and would be interesting to try out.

The cool thing about Beld is that you do not need coding experience.  Many people wish to start a website, but do not have any coding experience, nor do they have thousands of dollars to develop the online product they want.  Meet Beld – a way to create a website through chatting!

Beld uses a smart bot that creates websites for you without the need to write a single line of code.  This app is entirely free, and offers a complete packaged solution.  Simply download the Beld app and let the bot talk to you right now.

I thought Beld had a unique concept which would be good for someone looking to start their own website.  If you or someone you know is looking to gain an online presence for their business or a new endeavor, be sure to tell them about Beld by Applop.  It’s free to try, and you can start today!

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