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  • Last modified: July 18, 2017
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Review Summary:

Kids interact with cute animated animals and learn all about what they eat, where they live, the sounds they make, and how to spell their names with Animani.

App Info

Price: Free
AppStore User Rating: 4*


Features include:

  • Four learning games
  • Cute animated animals
  • Available in English and Norwegian
  • Fun background music and sound effects


When kids first open the app, four different categories appear in the middle of the screen. Each category contains three subcategories, also called packs. These are labeled Oink, Meow, and Roar. Once kids choose a category or subcategory, they can easily go back to the main page by tapping the home icon or back arrow at the top of the screen. Also at the top of the screen are icons that allow kids to turn off the sound and choose the language. The app is available in English and Norwegian. Fun fact: In Norwegian, a cat is called a katt and it says mjau.


In this app, kids can learn all about different animals. There are four categories: animal sounds, where does it live, what does it eat, and spell the name. The first three categories are ideal for little kids. For example, in animal sounds kids simply tap on an animal to hear the sound it makes. The sounds are not cartoonish either. They’re actual animal sounds. In the where does it live and what does it eat categories, kids see an animal and must choose one of three options. For example, a horse lives on a farm. Kids are shown a red X if they answer correctly and are given the chance to try again. For each correct answer, they are rewarded with stars and a “yeah!”
The spell the name category is a bit harder. Kids are not actually shown the names of the animals in the app, so they must already know how to spell the animal names or figure it out on their own. This is not too frustrating with short animal names, such as cat or duck, but can be more frustrating with longer names or more confusing names such as elephant or rhino.


Throughout the app, kids will see cute animal characters set in bright backgrounds. They will also get to hear happy background music and fun sound effects. The fact that there are four different categories and three subcategories in each one means that kids will find plenty to keep them busy and entertained.


Parents can download the app for free to allow kids to try out the different features. In the free version, kids get access to some of the packs and can play through the different categories. An in-app purchase allows kids to unlock all of the play packs. If kids like the app, they’ll definitely want these packs unlocked. The in-app purchase is a little high compared to similar apps, but worth it if kids enjoy the activities within the app.

Child Friendliness

Animani does not contain any ads or other content designed to take kids away from the app. The app does offer an in-app purchase to unlock all of the packs, but this is protected by a parental block.

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Kids interact with cute animated animals and learn all about what they eat, where they live, the sounds they make, and how to spell their names with Animani.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars