Best Animal & Nature Apps​ [Updated for 2020]

Watch nature and the animal kingdom come to life

We Reviewed Dozens Of The Best Animal & Nature Apps​ So You Don’t Have To. Here Are Our Top Picks.

Fantastic Wildlife and Nature apps that will help your kids do things like find the closest parks, forests and nature centers all the way through to reference guides for the animal kingdom.

Top Animal & Nature Apps

Animals and nature – two topics with a plethora of learning and discovering to experience. And our kiddos will love both niches. Whether the focus is on animals alone or exploring parts of nature in brand new and inspiring ways, these apps will give children of all ages the opportunity.

From toddlers learning the names of cats, dogs and cows as well as the sounds that go with them to diving into the ocean with Ms. Frizzle, there are lots of ways to explore what’s outside the front door with this inspiring list.

There’s something below for Pre-K aged kids as well as older children that need a bigger push. Get inspired by a storybook that encourages the care of our world or volunteer at an animal hospital while learning how to care for our favorite animals.

Allow your kiddos to go back in time to the age of dinosaurs. Or give them the chance to create a symphony of jungle sounds. From 2 to 10, filling up a rainy afternoon with one of the apps below will be an easy task.

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Top Animal Apps

ZOOLA Animals

For children 2-years old and up, this adorable game teaches our kiddos the basics when it comes to animals. Learn names and sounds with one easy app!  

iOS App Store Google Play

Dinosaurs: The American Museum of Natural History Collections

Who has some dino-lovers in the family? With this app, they’ll be able to explore a huge variety of dinosaur facts and play with a little trivia.

 iOS App Store 

PetWorld3D: My Animal Rescue

In this app, children play as volunteers at an animal rescue center. Not only will they learn about their pets, but they’ll learn how to take care of them too!] iOS App Store Google Play

Animal Memory Game

This is a basic matching and memory game for your kids to spend some time doing. Great for ages 4 and up, there are different levels as your little one grows and works toward better scores.

 iOS App Store Google Play

Kids Learn About Animals

A fun, educational game for children ages 1 – 4, the kiddos will learn all about their favorite animals. Learn names and unique sounds using flashcards following by comprehension games.

 iOS App Store  Google Play

Top Nature Apps

DisneyNature Explore

A free app all about our world’s eco-system, Disney knows how to entertain while teaching our kiddos at the same time. Learn about animal behavior and write in your observation journal while being encouraged to play outdoors and go on photo missions.

 iOS App Store 

Magic School Bus: Oceans

Go scuba diving with Ms. Frizzle! Children will jump right into the ocean and learn all about its ecosystem with the help of the famous magic school bus.

 iOS App Store 

Care For Our World

It’s important to care for our world and all its creatures. And that’s what this special book will teach your children.

iOS App Store 

World Atlas

Learn all about the world with some help from National Geographic. This app is packed with information about our planet.

 iOS App Store

Nature Maestro: Rainforest Day

Create a custom,  jungle symphony with this inspiring app. Nature and everything it has to offer coincides with creativity in this beautiful experience for the kids.

 iOS App Store 




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