An Adventure of Our Own

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  • An Adventure of Our Own
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  • Last modified: July 18, 2017
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Review Summary:

An Adventure of Our Own offers a unique adventure story that encourages kids to communicate with one another.

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An Adventure of Our Own takes kids on their own adventure. This app, designed for two kids or a kid and an adult to use together, features a story about a heroic mission. Kids get to choose the different elements of the mission. What will they wear? Where will they go? What supplies will they need? It’s all up to them. While the idea is fairly innovative, the app suffers from a lack of quality. This quality really keeps it from being a stand out app for kids. However, parents and teachers willing to overlook that may find something new for kids to enjoy.

Features include:

  • Encourages two-way communication
  • Features interactive illustrations
  • Offers an engaging story
  • Gets kids involved


One thing this eBook lacks is a bit of polish. Instructions and text appear on a plain gray background. Combined with the font size, it’s easy to get lost in. On the main screen, the gray text also covers the image. It can easily be moved and removed, but it would be nice if there was a way to display both the text and the full image at the same time. The app also features fairly basic illustrations. When tapped, there is a bit of lag time in the response.


This app encourages conversation and face-to-face interactions. Parents may use it with their children. Teachers may use it in the classroom as a whole group exercise or have students pair up and use it together. Kids complete tasks and talk about the choices they’ve made. For example, they’re asked to pick clothes for a recuse. They they’re prompted to explain why they chose the clothes they did. Kids get to play a role in the story.


Kids have lots of choices in the app. They pick an alarm. They pick clothes. Then they get to take a picture of themselves dressed in the clothes. After that, they get to pick the supplies involved in the story. The story itself can really engage kids. The trick is to get them involved. With the basic text and illustrations, it may be a hard sell for kids at first.


The eBook is priced right, especially given some of its quality issues. Parents and teachers looking for something that less about the bells and whistles may find it appealing. On a positive note, kids are encouraged to get away from the screen a little and talk to one another.

Child Friendliness

Kids will not find any inappropriate content or ads within the app. They do have access to the “About” area. This area contains a description of why the app is important and information about the developer, including the developer’s website. However, there are no active links in this section. Kids also need access to the camera for an activity within the story.

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An Adventure of Our Own offers a unique adventure story that encourages kids to communicate with one another.

Editor rating
Rated 4 stars