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Algebra on Nudge is a great way to introduce algebra skills to your child.  With Algebra on Nudge, kids can learn algebra – linear equations – and practice solving math problems.  I thought that this app would be beneficial for middle school age students or those who will be learning algebra soon.

The app is named Algebra on Nudge because it “nudges” you towards the solution one step at a time.  Kids will use intuitive gestures that result in visual transformations which provide a unique sensory learning experience.  I thought that the visual transformations were really helpful for learning an abstract topic like algebra.

I like how the app provides instant feedback when your child goes in the wrong direction to solve.  The app also offers help when your child gets stuck, to prevent frustration and continue a positive learning experience.  This app will also tailor problem sets to match your child’s learning pace.  Another great feature, parents and teachers can see comprehensive reports that provide feedback, including ratings for each concept that is taught.

I would recommend checking this app out if you have a child who is learning algebra concepts.  I think that it could be a great way to practice linear equations.  I also think this app would be great for use at home or in the classroom!

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