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Ahgoo Baby Monitor is an awesome new app for parents.  With Ahgoo Baby Monitor, parents can use their mobile devices as baby monitors!  I thought that this app would be great, especially when traveling, if you don’t want to worry about packing your actual baby monitor. The Ahgoo Baby monitor allows for audio and video monitoring on your mobile device or tablet using an internet connection (Wifi, 3G, LTE, etc.).  Simply turn your 2 mobile devices into a baby monitor system by installing this app – you will need to make sure both devices are connected to the internet.  One device will need to be designated as the “Baby” device to keep in baby’s room.  Then, one or several devices will be setup as “Parent” devices which you will carry with you when you are out of the baby’s room.  The Baby device will have a QR-code which you will scan with the Parent device to pair the devices for monitoring, pretty neat!

The Baby device will constantly stream both audio and video to the Parent device(s).  Parents can adjust the noise level at which the Ahgoo app should send them a notification.  The app will also inform parents if the battery of the Baby device is low, or if the internet connection is lost.  I thought those safeguards were great for peace of mind. If you have a baby and are currently in the market for a baby monitor, be sure to check out Baby Ahgoo.  Like I said, I think this would be a great option to have for travel.  Be sure to check out Baby Ahgoo on the App Store!

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