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Review Summary:

Kids can drag and drop objects such as letters and animals into simple puzzles in ABC Puzzles Game for Kids.

App Info


ABC Puzzles Game for Kids is an early learning app that helps kids learn basic concepts such as letters, numbers, and the names of animals.

Features include:

  • Learn the alphabet
  • Learn numbers
  • Learn about animals
  • Learn fruit and vegetable names


When kids first open the app, they’re shown the main screen which has a circus theme. Tapping on start takes kids to a screen that features the app’s categories. Once kids choose a category, they’re taken to the puzzles for that category. A hand appears to help kids see how to complete each activity. There’s also a help button to make the hand appear if kids get stuck while completing the puzzle.

As kids play, they’ll see the circus theme throughout. They’ll also hear fun sound effects. There are a few issues with the praise. For example, at the end of a puzzle, kids may see the word “Hurree!” which does not represent a proper spelling of the word “hurray.”


The idea of the app is to help kids have fun while learning skills. Kids can complete puzzles related to letters, numbers, animals, vehicles, and fruits/vegetables. Most of the puzzles are easy for kids to complete and the app offers them plenty of help if they need it. Some of the aspects of the game could be improved though. For example, in the alphabet game, the font used makes it hard to distinguish what some of the letters are. While it’s a fun font, it’s more confusing for kids to see letters such as a backward S and an a that has a line long enough that it could potentially be a q. The app also doesn’t say the names of the objects the kids drag and drop.


Basically, kids see a circus truck with objects sitting on it and they must drag and drop those objects into the correct places. The app focuses on objects that kids like, such as vehicles and animals. As a result, kids will likely have a lot of fun.


ABC Puzzles Game for Kids is free to download and offers a ton of puzzles. It will keep little kids busy for some time.

Child Friendliness

On the settings screen there are icons for rating and sharing the app. These options are not protected by a parental block.

  • NO more apps
  • NO in-app purchase
  • NO 3rd party ads
  • YES rate us
  • YES sharing feature

Kids can drag and drop objects such as letters and animals into simple puzzles in ABC Puzzles Game for Kids.

Editor rating
Rated 4 stars