998 Escape Games – Love of Wizards

998 Escape Games - Love of Wizards

Child Friendly
Find clues and solve puzzles in 998 Escape Games - Love of Wizards, a traditional escape game with a mystical theme.

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If you enjoy escape games, you’ll enjoy 998 Escape Games – Love of Wizards. This escape game takes you from room to room and has you search for clues to help you get out. While the style is similar to other escape game apps, this one has a wizard theme, so you’ll find spell books and other elements of wizardry as you try to escape.

Features include:

  • Clues to find
  • Puzzles to solve
  • Logic and creative reasoning skills
  • Suspenseful environment


998 Escape Games – Love of Wizards is a fun game. However, it does have a few quality issues. First, ads display at the top of the screen throughout the app. These ads are not fully visible because the ad bar is too small for them. This gives the game a messier look. There are also some errors in words in the game. For example, the button on the main page say Ads Free instead of Ad Free and ReStore instead of restore. Additionally, there are icons on the bottom of the screen to help players access a video walk-through, turn off the sound, or pause the game, but these icons are small and may easily be missed.


Escape games like 998 Escape Games – Love of Wizards encourage logical thinking and reasoning skills. As players play the game, they’re expected to make inferences and draw conclusions, as well as put all of the clues together to figure out how to escape the rooms. These actions help build key thinking skills.


As you go from room to room, you’ll uncover many clues. This game has a wizard theme, so you’ll find lots of magic books and other objects related to wizardry. You’ll also get the chance to solve a lot of puzzles and figure out tricky codes. The game times your progress, so you can play through it multiple times and try to improve your time.


The app is free to download. Ads are prevalent in the free version. However, they can be removed through an in-app purchase.

Child Friendliness

An ad appears when the app is first opened. Ads also appear on the top of the screen during the game. The in-app purchase to remove the apps is unprotected. Players can also access the video walk-through by tapping on the video icon which gives them unprotected access to an external website.

  • YES 3rd party ads
  • YES unprotected external links
  • YES unprotected in-app purchase

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