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997 Escape Games-Jealous of Love is an enjoyable escape-the-room type puzzle that will give players hours of enjoyment. There are many novel puzzles, and players will need to be on their toes to solve them all.

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993 Escape Games-Jealous of Love is an escape-the-room puzzle game themed around romance. Grab clues, unlock secret doors, solve puzzles and unravel the secrets of each level as you solve increasingly difficult puzzles.

Features include:

  • Dozens of puzzles to solve
  • Countless doors to open
  • Hours of game play
  • Nonviolent game play
  • Build observation, reasoning, and creativity skills


997 Escape Games-Jealous of Love is a high quality app. Folks who enjoy “escape the room” type puzzles will have fun solving these novel click-and-find clues that lead to unlocking secret doors and more. There is a helpful walk-through that is great for beginners because it shows exactly how to solve the first level of puzzles.  It does move fast, though, so be prepared to watch it several times, or plan to stop and start the video repeatedly.


Escape puzzles such as this one are quite educational, even if the primary goal is entertainment. Players must be observant, use logic and memory skills, and above all, be curious and persistent to solve even the first level. It’s no coincidence that these are exactly the same skills needed for success in school at all levels.


997 Escape Games-Jealous of Love is quite entertaining and challenging. The game is timed, but that seems mostly for a self-competitive aspect. There doesn’t seem to be a “time limit” per se, and you could well enjoy just replaying to beat your timed score on the level.  Each level has several rooms to explore, with a multitude of items to collect, objects to manipulate, and secret doors to open with codes or keys. Players must reason out what actions are needed and in what order to move to the next level.


This escape app is free on the App Store, making it a great value for anyone who enjoys escape-the-room puzzles. Players will enjoy dozens of hours of game play, so it’s a real bargain.

Child Friendliness

The app displays an advertisement when you first open it, and also contains advertisements running as banners, and will pause the game to show advertisements. There is an in-app purchase to remove the ads if you wish, for ninety-nine cents.

  • YES unprotected social media
  • YES 3rd party ads
  • YES unprotected connections to the internet
  • YES unprotected in-app purchase

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