993 Mine Escape

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993 Mine Escape is a fun escape-the-room puzzle app that offers hours of gaming time complete with challenging puzzles that will put your mental capabilities to the test. Be observant, and you just might be able to solve the puzzles and escape from the mine.

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993 Mine Escape is an escape-the-room puzzle game with numerous puzzles and brain teasers that puzzle addicts will adore. Pick up the clues, open the secret doors, and find your way out of each room by solving increasingly difficult puzzles.

Features include:

  • Over 100 puzzles to solve
  • Over 150 doors to open
  • 25 hours of game play
  • Nonviolent game play
  • Build observation, reasoning, and creativity skills


993 Mine Escape is a high quality app that will occupy puzzle fans for hours. Developers have created a wealth of innovative puzzles to stump players as they try to find their way out of each room. They also have linked to a helpful walk-through that is great for novice players, since it demonstrates how to solve the first puzzle (though things move very fast, and it will take you several views to understand everything).


Puzzles that exercise observation and reasoning skills are always education, even if they don’t really “intend” to be. This app is no exception. Kids have no alternative but to be observant, to apply their reasoning skills, to be curious and to be persistent if they want to win at this activity, and these are precisely the same skills that they will need for success in educational pursuits.


993 Mine Escape is a lot of fun to play. Though the game is timed, there doesn’t seem to be any “time limit,” so it’s ok if a player takes a while to solve the given puzzles. The graphics are enticing, and many of the items in the room can be manipulated. The challenge is figuring out exactly what actions are needed and in what sequence.


This app is free on the App Store, making it a great value. If you (or your older children) enjoy escape-the-room puzzles, this would be a fun addition to your collection. It features dozens of hours of game play, so it’s tough to beat the price.

Child Friendliness

This app contains outside advertisements running as banners, and will pause the game to show advertisements. There is an in-app purchase to remove the ads if you wish, for ninety-nine cents.

  • NO social media
  • YES in-app purchase to remove ads 
  • YES unprotected outside links
  • YES outside advertisement on banners
  • YES outside advertising videos that pause the game to run

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