Zen Studio: finger painting to relax and focus Review

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Zen Studio: finger painting to relax and focus App Review

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Zen in Japanese literally means mediation. It is often referred to as a state of being that describes focus and an oneness of body and mind. Which ever way you it, Zen is definitely something that most of us can use more of! What better way to relax and unwind than to spend some time finger painting and creating some amazing works of art? Zen Studio: finger painting to relax & focus is a great way to find some Zen in our busy lives!

This app was developed as a way to help children relax and focus through art. The app comes with several free tutorials as well as some blank grids to create what ever they want. The art is created by swiping your screen over the geometric shapes on the screen to create pictures, something like a tangram. If you use the tutorials, then the colors are chosen for you and you use your finger to “color in” the blank triangles. Once you complete all of the squares of one color, then the next color and set of triangles appear and this continues until the entire picture is created. The blank grids give you access to the entire color palette and you can use the grid to create your own pictures. Every time you move your finger across the screen, a beautiful and calming musical sound plays which really adds to the relaxing element that this app aims to achieve. All of the pictures are saved to your art gallery so you can enjoy them anytime you wish!

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