Zcooly Time Ranch Review


It’s Back to School time and high time to take time to learn to tell time! Zcooly Time Ranch is the perfect way to help your children learn to tell time! Children will learn to tell time in several different ways including digital, analogue and text. They can also earn money as a reward to purchase and help care for the farm animals. Telling time has never been more fun!

This app has two modes: Play and Practice. The practice mode allows you to choose which time-telling method you want to practice. Choices include analogue to analogue, text to analogue, digital to analogue and many, many more. A time is given and the player must move the hands or numbers on the clock to the correct time. If they are successful, then they earn coins to purchase more farm animals. The Play mode gives children the opportunity to employ the skills they’ve practiced. They are given daily “tasks” to complete in which they must move the clock to several different times throughout the day. If they are successful, they will earn coins and food to purchase more animals and care for them. Each week of tasks they complete gets progressively more difficult and adds additional time-telling skills and language such as “half-past 10” or “quarter of an hour past one”. Children will love playing and learning and caring for the farm animals!


Zcooly Time Ranch is a wonderful way to introduce children to telling time or give older children a fun way to practice their skills. I love how this app teaches several different ways of telling time so that children are knowledgable no matter which way they use. I also like how the app doesn’t just tell children a time to match. They also ask them to do things like “move the time forward one hour” so that children can develop the concept of time and how time passes. The farm animal part of the game is also a fun reward system! Caring for cute farm animals is an ideal way to encourage kids to keep working and practicing so those adorable animals get the care they need and they can keep their farm family growing! Zcooly Time Ranch is the perfect tool in your back to school tool belt to help your kids keep on top of their time telling skills.