Veggies & Fruits

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Veggies & Fruits offers a fun way for little ones to get excited about and learn a variety of vegetables and fruits through exciting activities. Simple to use and great for children of all ages.

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Veggies & Fruits is a cute early learning app that teaches children a variety of fruits and vegetables with fun games and activities. This bilingual app includes fun illustrations of each fruit and vegetable as well as the name of each to help players learn through sight, sound, and reading. With interactive games to test what they’ve learned, this app provides simple entertainment for children of all ages.

Features include:

  • English & French
  • 4 Activities
  • Flashcards


The developers have done a great job making this app fun and easy to use. With simple cartoon illustrations, realistic sound effects, and an easy to use interface, Veggies & Fruits is one app that children of all ages can play and enjoy. With simple tap and drag functioning and narration throughout, this app makes it easy for children to learn and have fun.


The main object of this app is to teach children a variety of vegetables and fruits by using pictures and narrated words. The flashcard exercise allows little ones to scroll through each fruit and veggie in order to see the image and learn the name. The developers have also added a bilingual function so children can learn the names in English and French. Another great addition to the app is the quiz activity that allows children to test what they’ve learned by selecting the correct image based on the word the narrator says.

Overall the educational value in this app is very good. The only thing that is a bit puzzling is the usage of the word ‘ananas’ for pineapple in the English portion of the app. This could be confusing for children as it’s not the typical name that is used in English.


The developers have also done a great job including entertainment pieces in the app that children will love. With activities like the memory match game, puzzles, and coloring pages to enjoy, children will not only be learning the names of each fruit and veggie, but they can play too! The quiz activity can also be fun for children to test their knowledge and what they have learned.


With an investment of just under three dollars this app is priced very well for the value you receive. With so many activities, flashcards, and the ability to learn in English and French, this app provides not only great educational material, but a ton of entertainment as well. Parents will certainly be happy with all that this app has to offer at a price that won’t break the bank.

Child Friendliness

Overall the developers have done a nice job keeping this app simple to use for children of all ages. With simple tap and drag functioning and narration throughout, little ones are sure to be able to play the app without much assistance from parents. One thing parents will want to be aware of however, is the fact that it does include external links under the ‘?’ button. This button provides access to additional information about the developers as well as unprotected buttons that take players out of the app. These buttons should really be located under a protected parent area especially since young children will be using this app the most.

  • NO social media
  • NO in-app purchase
  • NO 3rd party ads
  • YES “more apps” (unprotected, but visible)

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