Top 20 Apps for Working Moms

It’s a challenge to balance family and work with so much going on. We just happen to hold a little magic in the palms of our hands disguised as phones that help us to create that balance. These amazing apps will help any working mom become more organized and productive.

Happy Kids Timer
Make your mornings run smooth with an app that walks your child through his or her morning routine. Your child can receive an award (of your choosing) for completing the assigned tasks such as brushing their teeth, making their bed, etc. on time.

Task Rabbit
It’s almost impossible to get everything done yourself. Hire someone to run your errands, clean your house, or even iron your shirts. Someone else will do the tasks you dread, so you can focus your time after work on your loved ones.

Moms Pump Here
This app is a must have for nursing moms. Find nursing friendly places that users have rated so you can pump comfortably.

This app pretty much does it all. Keep a calendar (color-coded by family member), share things such as to-do lists or shopping lists, send reminders via test messages, keep a journal, and so much more. Everyone can access it so nobody should miss an appointment again.

Keep on track with your budge and control spending with this easy to use app. You can even set it to alert you when bills are due, or automatically schedule a payment.

In just 10 seconds, you can have new business contact information put into your phone. After adding it, Snapp! Will even send your new contact an automatic email with your contact information and will even include a business brochure.

Never worry about saving your receipts again. Just take a picture of it, and Shoeboxed will take care of the rest. This app will fill in the date of the receipt, how you paid, which store, and the total dollar amount your spent. It will also create and email you expense reports so you can be prepared for tax season.

7 Minute Workout
Between working and taking care of your family, it’s hard to find time to take care of yourself. This app delivers high intensity exercises with voice prompts – no need to look at your device. It’s a no excuse 7-minute workout that will give you energy to face your day.

If you’ve never tried meditation before, now is the time to start. Calm will leave you feeling peaceful and refreshed. There are numerous sessions to choose from to help ease mental tension, sleep better, increase your focus, and much more.

Health Tap
Receive unlimited medical advice from actual doctors immediately. The doctors can order lab tests, send prescriptions to your pharmacy, or refer you to a specialist. You can even connect with your own doctor from anywhere. It’s much easier to virtually consult with a doctor over your little one’s cold, than taking time off work to run to an appointment.

Flipboard is basically a personalized magazine just for you. Gather the content you are interested in from social networks, videos, blogs, or other places and this app will display them in a magazine-like format.

Sleep Pillow Sounds
This app claims to be able to put you to sleep within minutes. There are over 300,000 sound mixes you can create. You can set a sleep-timer with a slow fade-out, and add an alarm clock with a slow fade-in to wake you up naturally and feeling well-rested.

Lumen Trails Daily Organizer
Never forget anything again with this app. Take notes and keep track of everything from expenses to calories consumed. You can even make note of where you parked the car.

Dark Sky
Dark sky will tell you exactly what the weather will do up to one hour in advance with remarkable accuracy. You will know to leave the office early to avoid the snow, or what time to take the kids to the park and stay dry.

Shop with the app just as you would online. Update your subscriptions, compare prices, and complete your orders with 1-Click purchasing.

Care Zone
Always have medical history, medications, and medical conditions at your fingertips. Share with your sitter or family members so you know your child will be well taken care of.

Red Stamp
With a busy schedule, it can be hard to find the time to send someone a card. Create cards, notes, invitations, and announcements right from your iPhone or iPad. Email, text, or post to social media your card. Red Stamp will also print your creations and mail them directly to your recipients.

Let’s face it, there are times when we just have to bring work home with us. We don’t want to, but at times it has to be done. Leave the files and notes at your desk and upload everything into Dropbox. You can complete your work and even share it with others instantly.

Habit Changer
Learn how to easily make small changes to get your children to make healthy choices. This app will provide tips, ideas, and recipes. Avoid the “picky-eater” syndrome that plagues many young kids.

Most iPhones come with this app already installed. Take advantage of it by connecting with your kids throughout your workday. Hear all about their day, see their art project, or help them with a homework problem. You can still be involved even though you work outside of the home.