Tips For Calming A Child Anywhere, Anytime

Navigating the turbulent waters of emotion is often challenging for children, as they continually experience new feelings. Not knowing how to handle these feelings is a common issue children have as they grow up. If your child has a more difficult time regulating his or her emotions than others, check out the following tips for helping the little one calm down no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

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Take A Deep Breath

Take at least one deep breath with your child. Deep breathing is a well-known relaxation technique you might as well teach your child about now! The process instantly calms the body, even if said body is in a state of hysterics.

Count To Five

Count to five with your upset child. This gives the youngling the chance to stop and think about the upsetting factor and why it is making him or her angry/sad/etc. Counting to five is a simple tactic that provides the chance to breathe and reboot.

Make Fists

Show your child how to make a fist, then relax the hand. Squeezing and subsequently relaxing the hands is another excellent relaxation technique that helps eliminate bodily tension. Kids frequently have no idea how tense they are when upset, and this technique is an ideal way to show them how tense their little bodies are.

Ask For A Hug

Ask your crying or angry child for a hug. When does a hug not improve a situation? Hug it out with your young one, as it provides instant soothing relief while also helping the child stop for a minute and enjoy some distraction.

Blow Into Hands

Have your child blow into his or her hands. The kid will feel the strength of the breath and receive “feedback,” which does not occur with normal breathing. This is another instant relaxation technique.