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Head put on an intergalactic mission where your purpose is to plant and grow a tree in Tiny Trees.

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Tiny Trees takes kids in to space and has them plant a tree. Kids go through the process of planting the seed, adding sunlight, watering the tree, fertilizing the tree, and playing music for the tree to get it to grow. Then they get to plant it in an intergalactic setting. This app, which can be a bit busy at times, is designed to encourage kids to plant trees and offers a positive message about interacting with the environment, be it on Earth or in space.

Features include:

  • Tree-growing activity
  • Interactive animations
  • Fun music
  • Space theme


When it comes to quality, the app was obviously created with care. IT offers some great images for kids, particularly near the end of the app when kids interact with the characters as they sit by the campfire and watch the moon. It’s also very easy for kids to get started with the app as the main screens are very simple and straightforward. The rest of the app, however, is very busy. For kids, it’s often difficult to determine what button to tap or object to move to complete the next step of the plant-growing process. There are also a lot of animations that distract kids from the overall process. For example, spiders drop down and airplanes fly across the screen inside the space ship.


The main purpose of the app is to give kids a chance to grow a tree from a seed. Kids must plant the seed, give it sunlight, and water it. They must also fertilize the plant with rainbow poo from am alien creature and let the plant listen to music. The process takes time, which may teach kids to be patient as they wait for plants to grow in real life. However, it’s all a bit off because the plant starts its life inside a spaceship and grows on a planet somewhere in space, which may make it difficult for kids to connect it to real life.


Developers describe Tiny Trees as a video game designed for ages 2 through 124. Given the speed and feel of the app, it’s definitely more appropriate for the lower end of that age range and isn’t likely to be very entertaining for kids beyond kindergarten or the adults in their lives. The app moves at a fairly slow speed which may work for little kids but will frustrate others. While there are some interactive buttons and animations within the app, they remain the same throughout the scene, so kids will get through all of them as they wait between the first and second step of the plant-growing process and they won’t be enough to get to entertain them between the other steps of the process.

That being said, the app does offer some entertaining qualities, such as the ability to make a rainbow, peppy music to listen to, and the ability to grow a plant from seed.


While the app takes some time to play and will entertain children for a bit, it only contains one main activity (growing a tree) snd a few silly animations. As a result, it may not become an app kids return to again and again.

Child Friendliness

The app includes a protected parent area which contains links to social media accounts and information about the purpose and developers of the app. As stated in this area, the app is free from third party ads and in-app purchases. It is designed to be a family-friendly app that parents enjoy with their children.

  • Protected parent area (contains external links, app rating & social media)
  • NO external links
  • NO 3rd party ads
  • NO in-app purchase

Head put on an intergalactic mission where your purpose is to plant and grow a tree in Tiny Trees.

Editor rating
Rated 4 stars