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Tiny Pirates: Toddler’s App Review

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Tiny Pirates is a great app for kids, especially those who loves pirates!  With Tiny Pirates, kids can discover a world filled with fun pirates, and learn the principle of cause and effect when they play and engage in interactive situations.  I thought this game would be fun for preschoolers, it’s geared towards kids who are 5 and under.

This interactive game allows kids to assemble their own pirate crew.  There are lots of fun activities and tasks to complete throughout the app, such as: helping load the pirate ship by rolling barrels and stacking crates, steering the ship and raising both sails (helps you travel faster), discovering the harbor and getting to know the locals, and even dropping the anchor when you want to go swimming in the ocean.  I think kids will enjoy the variety of activities within the app, as well as the freeplay aspect.  I always like apps that allow kids to explore at their own pace.


The app can be explored at your child’s pace, and there are two main areas: the harbor and the pirate ship.  In the harbor, kids can roll barrels and stack crates, compete in a sack race, find a treasure map, and even set off fireworks.  The pirate ship is a fun area as well, there are typical pirate duties like steering, raising sails and dropping anchors, as well as fun fish to interact with and stones to collect from the bottom of the ocean.  My favorite – there is a surprise waiting to be discovered – the pirate dance.  Kids can play the accordion and get their pirate crew dancing!

I enjoyed the Tiny Pirates app.  I would definitely recommend this app to the parents of preschoolers, especially those who enjoy open-ended gameplay.  I will be playing this app with my son for sure!