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Looking for a quick bedtime story? Maybe you just need a few minutes of downtime for your child or a couple of minutes of peace for yourself? Tiny Great True Stories is the perfect way to get all three! These magical stories are beautifully written and illustrated and your children will fall in love with them. They are sure to ask to hear them over and over again!

This app comes with three wonderful tales: Sweater, Bear’s Tree and Merry Xmas. All three stories have the option of having the story read to them by a narrator, reading it to themselves or having someone record themselves reading the story that the child can playback at a later time. Sweater is a story about an unfortunate oil spill in the ocean. The animals that live in the ocean are covered in oil and vets are called in to help treat them. After they are washed and feeling better, the penguins are cold and so a movement starts where people knit sweaters for the freezing penguins! It is very touching and heartwarming stories for any child who loves animals! Bear’s Tree tells the story of a little boy who visits the zoo and notices how sad the bear is. He decides to do something about it! He sells juice to raise money for the zoo to plant a tree in the bear’s enclosure. This small act of kindness cheers up the bear and he is very happy in his new home. I love how this story teaches children to look outside of themselves and find ways to bring happiness to those around him. Finally, Merry Xmas tells a story of a little boy who moves into a new house and realizes that the chimney is too small for Santa to fit down. He decides to take matters into his own hands and pens a letter to the homebuilder asking him to come and fix the problem. The builder answers his request and the little boy wakes up on Christmas morning with gifts from Santa under the tree! This story is a great example of how kids can solve their own problems and take the steps to come up with a solution.

I instantly fell in love with all three of these stories for several different reasons. First of all, the stories are beautifully written and have a great message to teach children. Second, the illustrations are amazing and the animation really adds to the enjoyment and execution of each story. Finally, they are the perfect length for children. They are written in such a way that the story is told with enough detail to make it interesting and come to life for the reader, but without getting too wordy or losing the attention of the reader. Get this app and share these stories with your children today. You will love them as much as they do!

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