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Review Summary:

Thinkrolls: Kings and Queens is a fun app that will help elementary children learn basic physics concepts while nurturing critical cognitive skills and emotional resilience.

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Price: $3.99
AppStore User Rating: 4.5 Download on the App Store


Thinkrols: Kings and Queens is a problem-solving and logical thinking app designed for children from kindergarten through upper elementary levels. Players solve puzzles to accomplish goals and learn about physics principles, cause and effect, spatial relationships, timing, and more as they do so.

Features include:

  • 115 easy puzzles and 113 challenging puzzles
  • Builds logic, problem solving, and patience skills
  • Win accessories to outfit characters
  • Supports up to six separate player profiles
  • No time limits or other stressful features


Thinkrolls: Kings and Queens is a very high quality app. The app is completely wordless, relying on visual cues to help players discover the tasks that need to be completed. It’s easy to restart a level whenever needed, and no penalties are assessed, which keeps the app very low-key and fun. A protect parents’ area includes clear directions as well as a detailed list of the skills nurtured with each activity.


This app does a fine job of encouraging players to build logical thinking, perseverance, and reasoning skills as they solve puzzles to find the key to each level, clear the paths and hallways, and then get out the door to get to the next level. Players must think logically and be willing to try various possible solutions and scrap incorrect ideas to try again in order to be successful. Puzzles include working out how to use ratchets and gears to raise and lower platforms, using levers to move items around in predictable ways, and even moving certain items into proximity with other items.

Developers put a nice list of skills that the different puzzles nurture in the parents’ section of the app. A quick perusal will help parents and teachers quickly see the value of the various types of puzzles and understand how they will benefit players. In addition to providing opportunities for hands-on experimentation with various physics concepts, there are also many opportunities to develop important perseverance and resilience skills such as trying new ideas and being willing to try again after a failure.


This app is highly entertaining. Players can create a little character to guide through the puzzles. They can add details such as mouths, glasses, hats and hair. As players complete puzzles, they earn extra items and create new characters. Also, as they work through puzzles, players have the chance to collect sweets and gems to feed to the resident dragon.


Thinkrolls: Kings and Queens is a good value. The app costs $3.99 in the App Store, but it will help young players develop critical skills that will be transferable to many other situations in life. For just a few dollars more than most people invest in games, you can have an app that is as fun as many games but that also unobtrusively builds critical thinking and coping skills.

Child Friendliness


  • Protected parent area (contains external links, ratings, more apps & social media)
  • NO 3rd party ads
  • NO in-app purchase
  • YES “more apps” (protected, but visible)

Thinkrolls: Kings and Queens is a fun app that will help elementary children learn basic physics concepts while nurturing critical cognitive skills and emotional resilience.

Editor rating
Rated 5 stars